How Spray Foam Insulation Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Pole Barn

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Have you finally completed your pole barn or are planning on building one? Whether your new structure will be used for extra storage, as your man cave, a second garage or a workshop, you want to be sure to seal it up with spray foam insulation. Without proper insulation, your barn will suffer from the following issues:

The Nightmare of Having No Insulation in Your Pole Building

  • Extreme cold and hot temperatures due to the thin steel panels that make up the walls
  • Air flowing in and out of your walls due to the many corrugations in the steel panels
  • Leaving your framing not insulated because you cannot use rolled or sheet-type insulation as spacing is too large
  • Damage to tools, toys, and other items from moisture for lack of air barrier

Using or working in your pole barn with those dis-advantages listed, will be a nightmare, and you may just well dread utilizing that space. If you live in Michigan, you will truly understand what that means. Why even try to suffer through it. We at Spraytight, Inc. we help you as the homeowner, turn your pole building into your dream space. One that is comfortable, cost less to heat and cool, and cause less headaches down the road.

No matter what size or shape your structure is, or what material you used to build it, spray foam insulation will fit the bill.

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Benefits of Using Spray Foam in Your Pole Barn

  • Creates a vapor barrier to prevent sweating and airflow in and out of your pole building
  • Fills in all of the gaps and seems of the frame structure
  • Will keep your pole barn cool in the heat and warm in the cold
  • Eliminate the growth of mold or mildew due to no moisture growth
  • Gives you a more comfortable space, no matter the weather outside

As you can see, the benefits of having spray foam installed in your pole barn far outweigh the headaches you will encounter without it.

What Insulation Should You Use for Your Pole Barn Walls?

Whether you will be covering your pole barn walls or not, will depend on what insulation is recommended. But, generally, there are two scenarios to think about:

  1. You Are Leaving Walls Exposed - With this option, closed-cell foam would be the best option. This is a thicker, harder, denser and higher R-value foam that is more difficult to damage. It also adds structural strength and even looks nice. This would require a fire rated coating.

  2. You Will Be Covering the Walls - Since you will be placing some kind of covering (eg. drywall or wood) over the wall cavities, open-cell foam would be your best choice. This is a more lighter, softer and pliable material, that is less expensive than closed-cell. Since you will be covering the wall cavities, the material you use will function as the fire coating. As an extra benefits, open-cell will fill-in cracks and crevices better and has better sound dampening abilities, but provides the same air seal as closed-cell foam.

Are you looking for other residential insulation services that we provide? A good place to start is with spray foam insulation for existing homes.

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