Spray Foam Insulation for New Home Builds: See How To Improve Your Homes Comfort and Reduce Utility Bills!

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If you are a homeowner or builder planning or designing a new home to be built, then you know that there is a lot of money, time and thought that goes into that process to construct a home that you will enjoy, has comfortable living spaces, is energy efficient and will limit air flow from the outside and circulate healthy air on the inside.

To accomplish those goals stated previously, you will need to decide on what kind of wall insulation will be installed. There are a variety of materials that you can choose from that will create an air barrier and stop air leakage.

With properly installed and working insulation, your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient, thus saving you money.

Some good insulation options for the inside walls of your new home are:

  1. Fiberglass: This is the most commonly used insulation in homes and has stood the test of time. This can be installed in the open wall using batts or blown-in.
  2. Cellulose: If you want an upgraded insulation, this is the option to choose. Made from recycled material or newsprint, it safe, durable and cost effective.
  3. Spray Foam Insulation: This is an optimal solution for your new home, as the foam is sprayed in the open wall it seals and insulates at the same time, completely filling in the cavity and all the nooks and crannies creating an air barrier to prevent heat going out of your home and cold air coming in.

The traditional choices for insulation noted above, though good choices, will still allow air in and heat out. In the end, that puts a hurting on your budget for the build as well as long-term for your utility costs. We, at Spraytight, Inc., recommend spray polyurethane foam (SPF) as the "go to" choice for your new home and listed below are the advantages of doing so.

So we liked Eric so much that when we moved we had to invite him back to do insulation in our new home. Did walls, attic "hot roof", cantilever, rim joists on the entire 2nd floor addition. Awesome experience again, and we will certainly use him if we ever move again.

Advantages of Applying Spray Foam in Your New Home Walls

  • Provides you and your family a more comfortable living space
  • Savings on your energy bill due to the energy efficiency of the insulation
  • Reduces the potential of producing moisture and growing mold or mildew
  • It is Class 1 Fire Rated, which means that it is fire resistant, but not fire-proof
  • Good for the environment. Some foam ingredients are derived from organic compounds or are water-blown making them safe for the environment
  • Creates an air-barrier due to it's amazing capability to expand (some up to 100 times) in the open cavity of your walls
  • Will meet or exceed Michigan's building code for insulation based on performance

Over the past 20+ years, Spraytight, Inc. has been spray foaming new built homes for customers all across Michigan and throughout the nation. With over one million square feet of foam and counting, we make foaming look easy! If you are looking to have a quality job done, then look no further.

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