We Insulate Vented & Un-Insulated Crawl Spaces for Homeowners Using Spray Foam

We'll make your crawl space drier & more energy efficient so you & your family can experience better comfort year round!

Dis-Advantages of Not Having an Insulated & Sealed Crawl Space

In times past, most crawl spaces were vented and un-insulated as builders and designers believed that having good air-flow would allow the house to breathe better. But, the unvarnished truth is, not having the crawl space insulated and sealed is going to cause the following problems:

  • It will be very drafty, due to no air barrier
  • The floors in your home will be cold on your feet (start donning the thermal socks)
  • Pipes can freeze or burst due to no insulation
  • Air coming through the bottom of your walls
  • Will cost you more energy & money than is necessary
  • Rodents and insects can and will enter you living spaces (mouse traps anyone?)

Who wants to deal with all those issues, especially when your home is one of your largest expenses. Adding to those costs due to a foundation that is not properly sealed and insulated only brings added stress and frustration.

So we liked Eric so much that when we moved we had to invite him back to do insulation in our new home. Did walls, attic "hot roof", cantilever, rim joists on the entire 2nd floor addition. Awesome experience again, and we will certainly use him if we ever move again.

Advantages of Applying Spray Foam Insulation in Your Homes Crawl Space

Spraytight, Inc. has been successfully insulating crawl spaces for new and existing homes for over twenty years, providing our customers with a more comfortable living environment that is more efficient and cost effective.

Our spray foam insulation service will provide the following benefits to new or existing homeowners:

  • Provides an air barrier to keep moisture laden air out
  • Your floors will no longer be cold
  • Pipes will keep warmer, preventing them from freezing or bursting
  • Reduce the amount of energy used and money to run your HVAC systems
  • No more fluctuation of temperatures
  • Stop bugs and pests from entering your living space
  • Prevent or radically reduce moisture build up, eliminating mildew or mold growth

As you can see, the benefits of properly insulating and air sealing your homes crawl space far outweigh the dis-advantages of not doing so. No matter if you are building a new home or have an existing one, our highly skilled team will take care of you throughout the whole process, from the free estimate all the way to the follow up. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

You may also be interested in the many benefits of pole barn spray foam insulation if you have several acres or a farm.

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