We Insulate & Air Seal Basements for Homeowners Using Spray Foam

You'll be amazed at how more comfortable your basement will be, that it will become your family's favorite space

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The Problems With A Basement That Is Not Insulated or Air Sealed

If you have a new or existing home, you most likely have invested a large amount into insulating your home. But, for one reason or another, you did not think to insulate your basement. Possibly, you thought it would be fine without it, or you would do as 99.9% of all homeowners, install fiberglass batts in the stud walls. Since your basement plays a significant part in insulating your home, here are some pitfalls you should know about if you choose to keep or have an uninsulated basement:

  • A lot of heat or cooled air gets lost through the walls
  • Temperatures are extremely cold or hot
  • No vapor barrier to prevent air from passing through, causing moisture problems
  • Condensation can occur at the area of the rim space if a proper barrier is not installed (Fiberglass won't work here folks)
  • Cold floors in the living space above the basement
  • Minimal or no insulation value (R-Value)
  • A generally uncomfortable living space and environment

If you are experiencing any or all of the above pitfalls, then you probably aren't spending much time down stairs in your basement enjoying it as a man cave, fun space or as a office. This can be frustrating, especially, if you've invested a lot into that area of your home.

My husband used Spraytight for our basement remodel. Eric showed up the same day to give us our free quote and the price came in way lower than we could have done with a DIY kit. The spray foam was installed 2 days later and the job was awesome. The installer was professional and courteous and fast. Job looks great and couldn't have asked for more. Quick, easy, and affordable. We would highly recommend their service!

Melissa Randolph

The Benefits of Applying Spray Foam Insulation in Your Basement Living Space

Let Spraytight, Inc. help you avoid the typical problems that arise from an uninsulated basement. We have helped homeowners all over Michigan, and around the country, upgrade the energy efficiency of their lower living space for more than twenty years, helping them to be more comfortable while enjoying this space.

Our basement spray foam insulation service will provide the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable and fun space your whole family will enjoy
  • Provides an air barrier to keep air from leaking through the walls
  • A basement with more consistent temperatures no matter the season
  • Main floors will be more comfortable to walk on
  • Prevents the promotion of mildew or mold growth
  • Insulation value that meets or exceeds current building codes

You can now enjoy the benefits of an insulated and air sealed basement. No matter if you've set it up to be a fun space, office or a combination, we will step you through the process to accomplish that goal. If you need any questions answered or would like to discuss your basement project, please contact us.

No worries if you don't have a basement, we also spray foam insulate crawl spaces as well.

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