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The Problems With An Attic That Is Not Properly Insulated

Being comfortable in your home is more than where you set the temperature on your thermostat. The place you call home is exposed to the constant change of weather. Rain, snow, ice, wind and heat from the sun.

Your attics best defense against these conditions, is properly installed insulation. Not having insulation or badly installed traditional insulation can create a slew of problems that could include any or all of the following:

  • Heating & A/C systems working longer and harder, wasting energy and costing you money
  • Extreme cold or hot temperature swings
  • No proper vapor barrier to prevent air from passing through the attic causing condensation, mildew or mold growth
  • Creates an environment for pests and other vermin to take up shelter in your attic
  • Cause Ice dams or icicles to form on your roof and eaves
  • A generally uncomfortable living space below the attic

If your attic contains your HVAC system and ducts, this creates a more hostile environment, and can create more extreme temperatures for longer periods, causing your equipment to work much harder than it should and possibly break down and need replacement. Let's prevent that!

So we liked Eric so much that when we moved we had to invite him back to do insulation in our new home. Did walls, attic "hot roof", cantilever, rim joists on the entire 2nd floor addition. Awesome experience again, and we will certainly use him if we ever move again.

Advantages of Applying Spray Foam Insulation in Your Homes Attic

Imagine the underside of your roof being completely sealed and insulated using spray foam, thus keeping the temperature in your attic from straying fifteen degrees or less in the spaces beneath it. Our attic spray foam insulation service will provide the following benefits:

  • Increase comfort levels for you and your family
  • Less of a load on your A/C and heating systems, saving energy and you money
  • Keep air from leaking out of the attic by providing a proper air-tight barrier
  • Consistent temperatures throughout the year
  • Improving the indoor air quality, giving you a healthier home
  • Insulation value that meets or exceeds current building codes
  • Spray foam is designed to last thus reducing your maintenance and repair costs

Let Spraytight, Inc. help you enjoy the benefits of a properly insulated attic. We have helped homeowners all over Michigan, and around the country, upgrade the energy efficiency of their attic space for more than twenty years. If you need any questions answered or would like to discuss your attic project, please contact us.

We also air seal and insulate basements for existing or new residential homes throughout Michigan and the nation.

Applying Foam To An Attic

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To dramatically improve the efficiency, air quality & insulation of your attic, fill out our "Request an Estimate" form on the right side of this page.

To dramatically improve the efficiency, air quality & insulation of your attic, fill out our "Request an Estimate" form just below.

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