We Insulate Other & Unique Applications with Polyurethane Spray Foam

Artificial Burm atop WH Canon Building

Spray foam insulation is not only applied to residential and commercial items, but has been used successfully in our business for other and unique applications. The special properties of polyurethane foam make it the perfect material for:

  • Creating realistic, one-of-a-kind movie prop structures
  • Covering large buildings or structures
  • Dome shaped Out Buildings, such as ones that have a equine and dragon sculpture
  • Form an artificial burm on top of a building or other objects
  • Design a backyard oasis with a waterfall and stream
  • Marine flotation and insulation

Watch As Eric Applies Foam to Dome Shaped Building

Because spray foam is light-weight compared to other materials, it can be shaped and cut to the desired shape you like and then be painted to make it look realistic. We have had some fun with a few projects using spray foam. Here are a few of them:

  • Artificial Burm Project: We spray foamed this a top of a commercial building
  • Movie Props Structures: We used foam to shape and form props for a movie
  • Dome Shaped Out Buildings: We covered many buildings that are domes

Gallery of Other & Unique Spray Foam Application

There are many benefits to using spray foam in these unique situations, such as, an air-tight barrier, water resistance, increased structural integrity, and savings in energy consumption are just a few of them. Spraytight, Inc. would love to help you with your next unique project utilizing spray foam.

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