We Insulate Parking Garages & Coat Transportation Structures with Polyurea

You'll Be Amazed At How More Comfortable And Energy Efficient Your Above Parking Structure Will Become

Inside photo of a parking structure

Do you have a multi-use building that has a parking garage built below commercial or residential space? If you have inherited a previously owned structure or are building a new one, then you will want to find out what kind of problems you may encounter if that building is not properly insulated or has none at all.

Problems That You Will Run Into With Traditional or No Insulation Installed

  • Loss of heat and cold floors due to exposed under-decking
  • Higher costs for energy use to heat and cool above space
  • Does not reduce or muffle sound and excessive noise from structure below
  • Fibrous insulation retains moisture, is easily damaged & can routinely flake off onto vehicles and residents
  • Eliminates voids, gaps and compression which can occur with prefabricated insulation

Due to the many issues with having traditional or no insulation, multi-family builders and property managers are embracing the application of spray foam insulation for their parking garage structures. Take a look at the number of positives foam has over traditional applications:

The Many Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Seals up all the crooks and crannies creating an air tight barrier
  • Less energy costs to keep above space warm or cool
  • Reduces the sounds and excessive noise heard in spaces above
  • Strengthens the existing building structure
  • Provides a much higher R-Value per inch over traditional insulation
  • Water and moisture proof, not compromising the insulated areas
  • Creates a more comfortable environment for occupied space

As you can see, effectively installed spray foam insulation helps keep the above occupied space comfortable and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year. We have been helping builders and property managers insulate their parking garages and structures for more than tweny years. Allow us to prove that we can do the same for you.

Polyurea Spray Coating for Transportation Infrastructures

Polyurea spray coating is the perfect solution to keep these structures protected, help them last longer, get more use out of them and lower maintenance costs over time. Using Polyurea brings an abundance of advantages to your project, such as:

  1. Protection against water & moisture
  2. Shields material from salts and chemicals
  3. Provides added structural strength
  4. Durability & Elasticity
  5. Can be used in large or small spaces
  6. Flexible to your budget & project size
  7. Prevent further damage by filling in cracks and leaks
  8. Adheres to different materials and surfaces
  9. Withstand continuous vibrations and heat
  10. Gives your infrastructure a fresh new look

Polyurea Coating Being Applied To Metal Bridge

Having your transportation infrastructure coated with polyurea will bring long-term sustainability, and less headaches to boot! No matter what your project size is, Spraytight Inc. has over twenty-five plus years helping companies, businesses, and municipalities protect and care for their structures.

Beside bridges, overpasses and tunnels, here are a few more uses for polyurea coating:

  1. Sewage & Wastewater systems
  2. Truck Bedliners & under-carriages
  3. Hold a canal together? Yes, really... 
  4. Commercial and industrial floors
  5. Great for protecting boats from cracks and damage
  6. Secondary containments systems
  7. Exterior and under-ground pipelines

Have a commercial or residential pool? See how polyurea coating for swimming pools can lower your energy costs and keep consistent temperatures year round.

If you would like to experience the benefits of foam insulation with your parking garage, or polyurea coating for a structure, just fill out our "Request an Estimate" form to the right of this page.

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