We Spray Foam Insulate Cold Storage Facilities

You'll be amazed at how your refrigerated building will keep temperatures and reduce your energy costs

Large Cold Storage Warehouse

Are you planning to design and build a cold storage facility, or do you currently own or manage one? You are most likely aware, that often, these types of buildings have to be insulated from floor to ceiling to maintain consistent and stable temperatures for the products that you will be storing inside.

Some examples of refrigerated buildings are:

  1. Refrigerated Warehouses - Often, one room buildings that generally are used for storage of processed or frozen food between the temperatures of -40F to 50F
  2. Processing Plants - Are usually a multi-room building that have multi-use purposes, such as, dairy, meat, poultry and other products
  3. Distribution Centers - Multi-room buildings for frozen foods, dairy products, packaged dry goods, and fresh produce.
  4. Existing Facilities - Has been converted to another use, eg. a freezer, new room added, etc.

Although, each of those types of buildings have different concerns and unique situations, you will run into some universal problems if these facilities are not correctly insulated and made as air-tight as possible. Those problems could include one or more of the following:

Problems With Cold Storage Facilities Not Correctly Insulated

  • Higher energy costs to cool your facility due to unstable temperatures
  • Thermal leaks through the junctions & seams on the panels causing moisture which produces mildew & mold
  • Additional cost to replace damaged or destroyed insulated panels
  • Your cooling systems will work harder and longer, reducing their lifespan

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Benefits Of Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Your Cold Storage Building

In order to prevent experiencing or going through these problems with your facility, you will need to choose an insulation solution that will bring remedy and less risk. Spray foam insulation can do just that along with the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduce your overall energy costs
  • Less strain on your cooling systems, making them run more efficiently, thus extending their life
  • Significantly reduce moisture & condensation preventing growth of mildew and mold
  • Creates more stable cooling temperatures
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and repair due to less damage to panels
  • Maintain quality and prevent spoiling of your goods
  • Will pay for itself in the long-term in cost savings

Wouldn't you like to enjoy those benefits in your cold storage facility?

Let Spraytight, Inc. help you enjoy the benefits of a correctly insulated and more energy efficient refrigerated building. We have helped designers, owners and mangers of these kinds of facilities all over Michigan, and around the country, for more than twenty years. If you have any questions or would like to discuss insulating your cold storage facility with spray foam, please contact us.

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