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We understand that commercial buildings, being as large as some of them can be, requires more thought to be placed into how the construction and design will be handled - specifically, in relation to what materials need to be used to provide a positive environmental and physical impact. Due to the size and structure of these buildings, inherently, there are some problems that need to be solved to bring about a successful project, which can include one or more of the following:

  • Higher construction costs
  • High operating costs
  • Impact of materials on the environment
  • Contribution to the quality of the in-door air
  • Overall building comfort
  • Meeting or exceeding stringent building codes
  • Having the building last as long as feasibly possible
  • General health and safety of the building and personnel

That's a lot to contend with when you and your team are trying to put together a plan for a commercial building and to bring it to completion, on time and under budget. If you did not know already, commercial buildings take up almost 20% of our nations energy use and greenhouse admissions (1). So, improving the energy efficiency and cost of these projects would be a key priority for building owners and operators.

How Spray Foam Can Improve Energy Efficiency & Cost for Your Commercial Projects?

As a commercial architect, builder or designer, you can use foam insulation as a logical & proven choice to improve construction & energy costs.

Here are a few ways that open cell spray foam can massively benefit your next commercial construction project:

  • Reduce your initial costs for the insulation due to its high yield and ability to provide an air barrier
  • A fifty percent reduction in on-going energy costs with minimized air infiltration and long-term R-value performance
  • Reduced HVAC loads will lower your equipment costs
  • Improved in-door air quality will enhance workplace performance & productivity
  • Hard-to-insulate floor areas can be more easily managed
  • Ability to explore complex floor designs not feasible with other forms of insulation

We hope that, the above mentioned benefits, will be enough to convince you to start including spray polyurethane foam into your commercial building designs and start reaping the rewards it will provide, not only to your bottom line, but to efficiency, comfort and longevity.

But, if you are not quite yet convinced, here are four more compelling reasons to make spray foam a pillar of your commercial building designs:

REASON #1: Provide optimal building performance by creating an effective air barrier

Without an air barrier, you cannot optimal energy efficiency and comfort within your building. This is why new building codes have made this a critical requirement. Low-density open cell foam is the best at providing this.

REASON #2: Foam is more cost effective then the alternatives

The yield for low-density spray foam is three to four times higher then medium-density foam, thus making it much more cost effective to use and maximize air barrier benefits.

REASON #3: Your buildings durability is enhanced with spray foam

Using an effective air barrier foam can prevent concealed condensation and damage from moisture. Moisture damage contributes a high percentage of building and material failures (2). For this reason, creating a low-density air barrier with spray foam will bring longer life to your building and prevent the need for costly repairs and lost operational time.

REASON #4: Makes your commercial projects more environmentally appropriate

Open cell spray foam insulation can be a valuable building feature that is more resource efficient, requires fewer raw materials, minimized transportation energy use and has the lowest global warming potential (GWP is 1).

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