Apartment & Condo Owners & Managers: Reduce Noise, Improve Energy Efficiency & Create a Better Living Experience with Spray Foam Insulation

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The trend in constructing new or renovating older apartment complexes & condos, is in reducing the cost of energy consumption, noise levels and improving the living experience & safety of those who choose to move into your housing establishment. The return on investment in using a quality apartment or condo spray foam insulation would be retaining those residents, over a longer period of time, by giving them quieter and more comfortable living space.

“The reality is people are moving into multifamily housing for longer terms of their life. What may have once been a short-term step to a home, multifamily is becoming an increasingly common way of life for us in the U.S. And that quality of life cannot be overlooked by builders as they build into multifamily properties." - Home Depot's Merchant for Insulation, Arianna Jackson

If you are an owner or property manager, and you have a new apartment complex or multi-family condo units being designed or renovated, we recommend using spray foam to insulate between floors and in the walls to reap the fantastic return on investment. Here are a few of the benefits of applying foam in your next building construction project:

  1. Lower heating & cooling bills
  2. No special framing or additional air sealing required
  3. Create a more comfortable environment from reduced noise
  4. Spray foam will never sag, settle or deteriorate
  5. The foam will fill every void, no matter how small
  6. Provides a moisture-free and air-sealed barrier

Those six benefits alone will bring improvements to your building projects alone, but we want to be sure your are convinced that applying foam insulation in your apartment and multi-family condo units is the right choice.

3 Reasons Spray Foam Insulation Makes Apartments & Multi-Family Condominium Housing More Desirable

REASON #1: Provides a safety net during fires

It is well known that interior insulation, made of non-combustible material, provides a safety net during a fire. This is critically important when it comes to your commercial building and the people inside if a fire breaks out. We use an open cell spray foam, produced by Gaco Western, that has a built-in ignition barrier (fire retardant) and only takes a single application to install.

REASON #2: Provide more balance and conditioned space

A common or typical problem with larger apartments, condos or living spaces are the hot and cold spots that occur. This makes it more difficult to maintain consistent ambient temperatures throughout the space. Interior foam insulation can be used to balance those up and down temperatures and create a more balanced and conditioned space.

REASON #3: Improve quality of life for your residents

Using a high quality spray foam to fill in walls and floors between units will not only reduce air-flow, save energy costs, but muffle noice as well, which improves your residents satisfaction and quality of life.

Spray Foam Can Bring Benefits During Re-Development or Renovation

The ideal time to insulate interior walls is to do so in new construction. We realize this isn't always possible, since you may have existing buildings or are in the process of renovating. But, retrofitting is do-able in cases like this. You would need to remove the the drywall and batt and then apply the spray foam insulation. In some cases, it may be possible to insulate walls through cut holes and filling the cavity.

You may also be interested in finding out how you can lower your costs using spray foam insulation in your commercial construction.

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