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Spray Tight Foam Insulators is based in Metamora, MI and we have been spraying polyurethane foam (SPF) for over 20 years and applied over a million square feet of foam.

Our Certifications

  • Certified Gaco Western Qualified Applicator

  • Certified Gaco Western's GacoFlex S-20 Applicator Training - Approved course for the SPFA Roofing Contractor Accreditation

  • Course Completion - Craven Community College - Building Codes and Inspection

  • Safety Services Company - Certificate of Recognition for Participation in the Safety Sam network of safety-minded companies

  • Certified from the Polyurethane Training Center for spray foam roof applications.

  • Certification for Polyurethane roof site inspections from the Polyurethane Training Center

  • Probation certificate for Building Inspection with a Law Administration certificate.
  • I have been spraying foam for over 20 years and have applied over one million square feet of foam, from new built homes to industry complexes.

    I’m diversified in many roofing and insulation systems. My craftsmanship experience varies from foam roofing applications to construction systems for a lot of different types of foam and coating applications. We are a family oriented company looking to help our customer solve their problems.

    No matter what type of roofing system you are looking for or if you are trying to go green we can help. I started applying insulation at 15 years old on the weekends and in the summer time. At the age of 16 years old I worked part time insulating and playing sports in high school, and every summer from there on I worked with my Step-Dad, insulating.

    At the age of 18 I dreamed of being the best insulator, doing the biggest jobs, and experiencing some of the wildest situations. I had a good friend that sprayed foam for a company that took me in under his wing, I still remember the first day I watched someone spraying foam I was amazed. Soon thereafter I was spraying foam I was in doggy heaven. I remember it was tough, but I really loved it.

    I’ve had customers and fellow employees tell me I make foaming look easy. My experience in foaming has come a long way from those days but not my love for foaming; and with new and improved coating and new foam formulas. I would have to say thanks to those who trained me to be one of the best foam applicators. If it was not for the great teaching and guidance of those superior foam applicators, I would not be where I am today.

    Foam is my life and if you are looking to have a quality job done right, look no further. - Eric Qualls

    Safety Guidelines & Procedures

    We adhere to the highest standards and practices. For more information about our safety guidelines and procedures, please follow the links to the Accident Prevention Manuals linked below:

    Spray Foam Insulation is "Green"

    Image of Globe and blades of grass

    Savings on energy reclaims our natural resources and your hard earned dollars. Spray Tight's professional installation of polyurethane applications are energy efficient, totally seamless and will eliminate air and moisture infiltration. Our services will save our customers on the ever-rising cost of energy.

    Our products use state of the art technology with unique properties that will strengthen the integrity of your home or building. These products are green because they are bio-degradable and reduce carbon emissions, which benefits the earth.

    Health benefits are also characteristics that make SPF a green product. Interior environments are protected from outdoor elements such as mold and allergens resulting in healthier living spaces.

    Many customers are unaware of the importance of air barriers. Spray polyurethane foam is a technological advantage that offers many benefits to both the consumer and the environment.

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