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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foam?
Foam is a 2 component chemical that reacts in a mixing chamber. Once combined to one another it creates a closed cell monolithic layer of foam

What if I have an area with standing water on my roof?
With spray foam you can raise the elevation of the area causing proper drainage.

How long does SPF roofing last?

Manufacturers pride themselves on the fact that with minimum maintenance a spray roof can last forever.

Do you have to remove my old roof first?

It all depends on the type of roof you have. Most existing roofs can be applied with polyurethane foam.

What if I have a rubber roof – is that good?
With a rubber roof the only problem is that there are seams and over time, will break down. With a polyurethane foam roof there are no seams.

What’s the difference between foam and other insulations?

Foam has the highest “R” factor per inch than any other insulation on the market and has a longer life expectancy.

What if I have an existing home-- how would we insulate it with foam?

This situation is ideal for a retrofit. A retrofit is where we spray low density foam into the wall cavity filling them for proper “R” factor.

Is foam safe?

Yes, as a sold molecule it is safe. Additionally, foam has many benefits by creating an airtight seal to protect you from outside elements.