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GacoFlex coating systems provide a clean, economical and ecological alternateive to waste-generating tear-offs

GacoFlex S-20

GacoFlex S-20

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GACO Flex S-20: Re-Cover, Don't ReRoof

Eliminate waste-generating tear-offs by recycling your roof with GacoFlex Coatings

GacoFlex S-20 brochure

GacoFlex S-20 is a single-component, moisture-cured silicone coating for commercial and industrial roof applications. The product is petroleum- and solvent-free so it is easier on the environment (and the applicators) while still offering the same functionality as traditional petroleum-based roofing materials.

With GagoFlex S-20, an existing roof can be restored without incurring needless expenses or interrupting the daily opperations of a business.

The product is 95% solids by volume which means 95% of what is in the can stays on the roof once the product has cured. This means compared to traditional silicones, less product is required to achieve the dry mil thickness for specifications - saving time and labor!

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GacoFlex S-20 GacoFlex S-20