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Foam Insulators



Everyone is happy with the insulation and fire proofing. You guys did a very neat and professional job. It was much neater that the last contractor that insulated the old part of the building.
Thank you, Rich Aldrich, PE, Plant Engineer, Timber Products Company, Hardwood Veneer and Lumber Plant

I was so pleased to be asked to write a letter of recomendation for spraytight. Ever since Spraytight has done work at my business my company has saved on our utility bills.

Spraytight went above and beyond everyone's expectations. When Eric, the owner, said the job would be a little difficult, he seemed very confident , understandably I was a little nervous, only because I've heard similar stories of how a job could be a little difficult then either the job ends up taking longer or unseen costs come up. Niether of these things happened and I couldn't be happier with the work performed . originally the job was quoted take 30 days, it was fully completed in two and a half weeks. After the job was done I walked over the project with Eric, still a little taken back at how quickly everything was finished my only thught was 'how long would it be before I would have to call them back to fix something.

I have never had to call him back for anything. Spraytight haseven sent my company Christmas cards for the last four years. When Eric called to ask if I felt alright with his performance enough to write a letter of recommendation he reminded me he would be coming out in the spring for a five year walkthrough. It's these things coupled with exemplary workmanship that lead me to be inspired and honored to write a letter o f recomendation for Spraytight. Looking back he alon with his crew made me feel like my project was the only thing that was important. He scheduled my job quickly and once he was completed and made sure I was satisfied with his work he was off to another project. I would recommend Spraytight to anyone who wants spray foam. They do excellent work.

The initial cost is a bargain after factored in savings of around fifty percent on overal utility spending, Eric said I would save, and I'm sure he would be proud to know how much he's contributed to our bottom line. A big company workmanship with a one on one relationship with the customer. I am happy to have called Spraytight, and will call on my upcomming home I need insulated. I hope this is helpful with any decision you or your company are making with spray foam. Great company, excellent product, and service that I can only describe as top notch.
Sincerly, Omar Alejandra, C.E.O, Union Standard Solutions, Palm Springs Project