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Foam Insulators

Spray Foam Insulation - The Process

New Builds

If you are in the process of building a new home or are planning to soon, the process for applying spray foam insulation is pretty straight forward. Foam is applied at the time you would normally be applying your insulation. In other words, it doesn't change your construction timeline in anyway.

Foam is applied between the wall studs and is smoothed flush with the walls. Naturally you will plan for all exterior walls to be coated, but you may also want to consider the sound barrier aspect to foam for interior walls as well. For example, reducing the flow of noise from living spaces to bedrooms can add quiet and comfort to your home.

Under normal conditions for a medium sized home it usually takes us about 2 days from start to finish. We would need to work with you or your contractor to schedule a time. We prefer at least 4 weeks prior notice, but will do our best to work within your schedule.

Existing Homes

If you are considering foam for your existing home, be assured that in many cases, spray foam can be applied behind existing drywall as in the example below.

We would be happy to come out and assess your situation to see if this type of application can work for you.